Join the fight against the climate crisis together by planting trees in the Amazonía Rainforest with indigenous communities and Hoopek.

We are making scrubs from recycled
bottles and we are planting the Hoopek

Forest in the Amazonia Rainforest

For every 10 scrubs that we sell, we will plant a native tree in the Amazonía Rainforest with the NGO Saving the Amazon. The trees will be planted in the Hoopek Forest that we are building together and you will receive a certificate with your name and the tree location! Through these crops we will be helping our planet, the Amazonía Rainforest, and its indigenous communities.

Buy a Scrub

Contribute to the planting of a tree

Help the indigenous communities

Save the Planet

look Amazing

Be part of our
Hoopek Forest

You digitally receive a letter with a photograph of the planted tree and a certification diploma. Both carry information on the tree’s planting coordinates, since it is georeferenced on a virtual map.



Planted trees can capture 4 tons of Co2. We need to plant millions of trees to offset the amount of CO2 emitted by humanity.

Through these trees, Hoopek  Community helps fight the climate crisis and provide well-being to the neediest communities.

Fill the form and obtain your certification

After your purchase, you will receive the product  with a code to redeem HERE, and obtain your personal certification with the coordinates georeferenced.